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Why should you buy a Franking machine for your company?

It is no doubt a fact that any new businesses in the UK stick to the traditional postage instead of franking machines. These machines are an easy alternative to the hectic routine of postage. There are three main reasons why offices in the UK do not switch to franking machines.

1. The lack of space required to place a franking machine in the office
2. Cost of the franking machines
3. Anxiety arising from use of new technology with unexpected results

Considering these issues with buying a franking machine for your office or company in the UK, you should also understand the benefits that you can achieve with the use of these machines.

Cost Benefits

You can save a lot by the using franking machines. You can save 2p on 1st class letter and up to 26p on a parcel of 500g. This kind of saving is especially beneficial if you have to send letters to a lot of business clients daily or even weekly.

Avoid over-stamping

Regular postage stamps are of a fixed value and do not cover the exact weight of your parcel or letter. When you use a franking machine for your UK based office, you can get an exact weight of your letter or parcel and pay only for the weight of your letter. The accuracy level of the franking machine is enhanced with the digital scales for calculating the postage of a letter or parcel.

Freedom from glue

Franking machines gives you the freedom from the use of gluing so many stamps on all letters and parcels. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, franking machines provide you with a cleaner postage solution for your business in the UK.

Easy postage ordering

Instead of going to the post office and buying new postage stamps, you can simply order more postage over the phone. This liberates you from going to the post office again and again. You can use your franking machine to stamp your letters at any time of the day.

Easy downloading and Automatic Rate change

Latest digital franking machines can be connected to the internet and can down updates for the machine itself. The rate change applies automatically as soon as new rates become available in the UK. Software update translates to faster performance and more features easing the use and automatic rate change allows for greater savings.

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