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Types of Facebook Applications

There are thousands of Facebook applications available on the internet today and their count is going up with each passing day. Developers around the globe are developing new applications every day. Although Facebook application may seem quite diverse in their operations and functionalities yet, from a business point of view; these applications can be divided into three categories.

Informative Applications

Informative Facebook applications are developed to provide the users with company’s content and information. Informative applications are directly related to the products and services offered by the company. These applications are developed by companies that are desperate to provide information to viewers but often fail to achieve their goals due to the boringness of the presented information. The examples of these companies can be financial and insurance organizations. These types of applications are suitable for companies involved in the sales of consumer products as they can add product pictures with the information. The consumers will feel attracted to the informative applications due to the interest factor involved in these products.

Viral Applications

Viral Facebook applications are developed to create a short lived but rapidly growing effect on the customers. Viral applications are produced to promote specific events like movie releases, concerts and product launches. These applications are created with a viral effect and funny or eye catching graphics to spread the buzz about some specific event or product. Viral applications are fast at gaining popularity among the viewers but this popularity and buzz quickly fades away as well. Creativity and “viralness” are the key factors in the success of such applications. Only a funny and truly creative application will grow faster. Since word of mouth is involved in the advertisement of these applications, the overall cost of viral application marketing is reduced dramatically.

Longevity Applications

Longevity Facebook applications are really killer applications. These applications are developed with an intention of providing some real value to the viewers. The value of a longevity application can be defined as an application that the user might want to use and keep for indefinite period. The turnover rate with longevity Facebook applications is the lowest as compared to the other two types of Facebook applications mentioned above. Longevity applications are the most expensive to build because they involve innovation, highly attractive design and exhaustive advertising.