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How to use Facebook Applications for business promotion?

Facebook applications are quite popular among the UK visitors. You can use these applications to spread the buzz about your product or service. At Facebook, you get a chance to not only socialize but promote your business as well. Keeping this in mind, Facebook application development has been used extensively to build applications and interactive pages solely for the purpose of business through entertainment.

If you can get the concept right then you can develop applications on your Facebook pages that will attract potential customers to your business. Facebook offers a variety of methods where you can use your applications, quizzes, games and polls to spread the word about your business. Face book in general offers following types of tools for business promotions.

1. Facebook Pages

You can create and use Facebook pages for your business. You can make people friends with your business just like they can get friends with you. This type of interaction has two impacts. First of all they will get familiar with your products and services and might become potential customers and; secondly they would spread the word about your business through your Facebook pages.

2. Social Ads

Social ads are a great way to promote your business products and services. You can use this Facebook application to have your business promoted at the profiles f your friends who can get more traffic to your business pages and your profile.

3. Facebook insights

Facebook insight gives you a competitive edge over other such services by getting the demographic statistics of the users who searched your pages and you can check which parts of your campaign are working and which are not. Facebook insight is the tool that gives you control over your campaign.

4. Facebook Beacon

Facebook beacon is an application like social ads which helps you in promoting your business by showing your business ad in the news feeds of your friends. This feature is relatively helpful with a larger friend base and you can easily promote yourself and your business through this application

5. Polls

Facebook polls are interactive application tools that can be used to create and collect public opinion about your products and services. Use these online application tools to gather relevant information in a fun way.

6. Facebook Platform

Facebook markup language is used as an application development tool for Facebook. You can produce games and Facebook applications can embed them on your page while promoting your business and inspiring your Facebook friends to install the applications. In this way, you can create interest and promote your business.

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