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What you need to know to choose the right Facebook Applications company?

If you have not yet used the power of social media networking to give your business entity a tremendous lift, start the journey with Facebook application development that will help you to promote and advertise your offerings to a global audience in a fast and cost-effective manner. In case building a Facebook application is not your cup of tea, you will nee to hire Facebook application makers to carry out the task. Before you make such a hiring decision, it pays to know some tips and tricks of choosing the right Facebook applications development company so that you get your money’s worth.

Identify & prioritise your goals & objectives

Before hiring a Facebook app developer, you should have a clear idea of what you need and how you plan to get the apps to help you achieve these objectives. Whether it’s about integrating Facebook to your website login process, getting a brand identity using this social networking platform or creating a huge contact management system, you need to identify and prioritise your goals, and chalk out the blueprint of achieving the same.

Research the potential Companies or Take recommendations

To make a list of your prospective Facebook app development companies, you can seek references and recommendations from friends and family or do your own legwork, assessing how well the companies can handle your job and the level of experience, if any, that they have in a similar project.

Shortlist the potential companies for in-person interview

Nothing works better than a face-to-face interview with your short listed Facebook application developers. Such an interaction will not only help you to evaluate the job environment and the capability of such developers, but even let you have a first hand experience of the way they work and decide if such people are adept to handle the workload of your job.

Check live examples of their past work

Get an idea of how well your prospective Facebook application makers are aware of the Facebook promotion laws and guidelines, Facebook’s formatting requirements etc by checking some of their live work. They should also be well versed in PHP or other coding languages like JavaScript, Ruby on Rails etc, have a basic understanding of the Internet, MySQL, SSH, and Unix, and be familiar with web hosting fundamentals. However, such know-how would depend on your exact project requirements and you would do well to ensure that they have already worked on similar projects with success as that would help you steer clear of novice Facebook application developers. Remember that building Facebook applications isn’t a cakewalk, which is why you should trust experienced and adept hands at work.

Evaluate the work of different developers

Evaluate how user-friendly, customized and inimitable applications are designed by the different Facebook application developers and assess how well their expertise and experience gels with the aesthetic value of such applications. Such an assessment will help you to decide if the developers can create distinctive and marvelous designs for your Facebook applications that guarantee the fulfillment of your objectives.

Request a written proposal & quotation

Once you have made your mind and are close to your final selection, ask the prospective Facebook app developers to send you their written proposals and quotations. Compare the proposals to find if they truly understand your requirements and judge the quotes to select the one that matches your budget and promises to deliver just what you want.

Make Contract

Ink the deal by formulating the terms and conditions of the contract. Whether you want the applications as part of your marketing plans to promote your business interests, further your SEO efforts, or simply need to build your own social circle and network with people that will help you to take your business a step ahead, everything should be there in details in the contract. Take time to make the final contract and scrutinize it carefully so that no important points are left out.


Lastly, opt for clarity while deciding on the payment terms and frequency. You may either opt for payment after every stage of completion or go for a full payment option after the completed job is delivered. Nevertheless, keep provisions for a revision in case you are not happy with what is done, want to do it differently or need some modifications. Having some clause for maintenance services after the completion of the project will safeguard your interests against any hiccups or problems that crop up after a few days of operation.

So, make an informed decision by keeping the factors mentioned above in mind when you choose your Facebook applications development company.