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ShortCut is a unique UK company with a simple aim – to redefine buyer & supplier relationships by bringing together committed buyers with reputable suppliers. Whether you are looking to buy services or products, or if you are in need of an effective way to market your business online, ShortCut is here to help! Find out more about us

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Featured Articles

  • Marketing Trends for 2010

    With the beginning of a new year it is inevitable that people look to discard the old and begin anew, reviving their efforts with the latest and greatest methods and trends. This statement is especially true when it comes to the ultra-competitive business of marketing.

  • The essential types of Internet Marketing

    With more and more people remaining online for a major part of the day, it’s quite natural that businesses around the world would want to be seen and heard on the World Wide Web.

  • The Key Benefits of Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing is a buzz word that’s gaining steady popularity in the recent times, and has emerged as a cost-effective way of promoting a small to medium sized business.

  • How to create an effective internet marketing strategy that could boost your business?

    In his well known book “The Art of War”, San Tzu has said, “…many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat.” What he means here is that one has to put enough emphasis on strategy or planning in order to win a battle. The same holds true about marketing. If you want to grab your customers attention from the word go, then you cannot overlook the necessity of a good marketing strategy.

  • Grow Your Online Marketing through Social Media

    Madonna once sang that we all live in a material world. That may have been true at one time, however, it would be more accurate to describe society as the electronic world. As technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds the use of electronic devices has become more and more common in society.

  • How to use videos for promoting your Online marketing

    People use the internet for anything and everything these days. Looking for a place to take your wife for your anniversary? Forget that you had an anniversary and need to send her flowers? Not sure what that movie was that she wanted to see? Miss the last episode of your favorite program? All that and more and can now be found on the World Wide Web.

  • The benefits of Bookkeeping Training

    Whether you are looking to start an exciting new career, or are looking to breathe new life into your current one; bookkeeping training could be the answer

  • Double Entry Bookkeeping 101

    Double-entry bookkeeping is the most widely used bookkeeping system which records the dual effect of every financial transaction a business makes.

  • Management Development 101

    Managers are the backbone of a business or organisation; they need to respond quickly and efficiently to changes and events, they need to make critical decisions in a timely manner and with impartiality, and they need to be able to lead and develop employees into a productive workforce.

  • An Introduction to Business Process Management

    Business Process Management, also known as BPM, is a management approach which is focused on aligning a business or organisation with the anticipated wants and needs of its target customers and clients.

  • The Basics of Leadership Development

    Businesses and organisations are a made up of different people with different backgrounds and personalities. It is the role of organisational leaders to bring together these individuals who each have different and conflicting characters and lead them towards achieving organisation-wide goals.

  • Why Managers need Leadership Skills

    Organisational managers are no longer purely functional and hierarchical members of an organisation. They have become multi-taskers that need to manage and lead their teams, and while some managers can display excellent technical and professional skills they sometimes lack key leadership skills.

  • Making Communication Training work for you

    Communication is the single most important aspect of our daily interpersonal relationships – in our personal lives and in the workplace. Effective communication skills ensure the success of our interactions with the people around us, and are vital to the success of our business relationships.

  • Nonverbal Communication Explained

    Communication is not just made up of the things we say, write or hear. The way that we communicate things through Nonverbal communication is also just as important. The effectiveness of any spoken communication process is determined by the following non-verbal elements:

  • Listening Skills

    Listening skills are on an equal par with speaking skills in an effective communication process. Communication is a two-way process which involves interactions and responses between two or more individuals.

  • Building a Team with Building Bricks

    A new decade calls for new and innovative approaches to teambuilding training, it’s no longer appropriate to pack employees off on a bonding retreat for a few days. A new wave of cost effective and time efficient teambuilding activities are set to revolutionise the way we interact with each other.

  • Don’t Lose Your Face Value…Just Chill

    Just like any coin with a face on it, our own faces—indeed, our identities—have what is called a “face value.” When people see us they form opinions, feelings and sometimes even judgments. Most people will not make such a judgment upon first meeting us. However, when there is an altercation between two or more people and an experience is shared, rest assured some judgments are being made.

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