Why should you outsource Event Management Services to a ShortCut Supplier in London?

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Why should you outsource Event Management Services to a ShortCut Supplier in London?

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment, it is critical that a company focuses on its core business. Supporting functions and disciplines that do not directly benefit a London based company’s mission and values need to be evaluated for effectiveness. Outsourcing select disciplines allows the customer to focus on its core business while partnering with third-party event management companies in UK that best mirror that company’s culture. A third-party event management company can become a natural extension of the company and strengthen its existing structure. Outsourcing supports and complements your core business by providing specialized services without burdening your company and can save you money.

Outsourcing the logistics and details of an event allows your internal team to focus on what really matters in the recognition event or business meeting – your key customers, salespeople and employees. Your team can devote more time and attention to ensuring that the delivered message is in line with your company’s goals and objectives. Under the guidance of your team and our key contact, you and your outsourced event management company in London can work as one team. There are many reasons companies chose to outsource all or a part of their incentive, recognition and business meeting initiatives.

1. Assurance of Supply

Partnering with an event management company or an event organizer company in London provides you with the depth and experience of additional resources that complement your internal staff. Most companies experience situations in which internal resources cannot provide proactive service levels during certain times of the year, and they find it is not cost effective to staff an entire department to handle those workload peaks.

2. Global Industry Experience and Knowledge

ShortCut event management companies in London offer a wide range of expertise. Our event management organizers have years of experience in operating incentive and recognition programs throughout the world. Our event management companies in London have forged supplier relationships that represent years of consistent service delivery to our customers. Our Event Management organizers have been carefully selected through a “due diligence”, and they are periodically checked for financial stability, competitive pricing and creative submissions. Our event management companies’ expertise extends to national sales meetings, annual conventions, business conferences and product launches that require extensive logistical management, attendee management and technology solutions.

Our global reach extends to advisory boards within the industry. Our management companies and event organizers in London are valued partners with executives at companies across United Kingdom. These relationships allow you to receive the attention and commitment that you and your company deserve.

3. Best Practices

Understanding YOUR Best Practices

Our event management companies in London are flexible and responsive to your unique requirements. Our event management service providers dedicate time and energy to learning about your business and your expectations, so the “learning curve” is painless and seamless.

ISO Certified

A key component to mastering “Best Practices” is well-documented processes and procedures that focus on Continuous Improvement. ISO is a flexible system that allows our event organizers in UK to adapt to your expectations while providing you with consistency in service delivery.

Measurement of Key Performance Indicators

Measurement is a key in determining our event management companies’ success with our customers. They have have developed a “Critical to Quality” matrix that defines world-class service attributes; you can use this resource to measure their performance. And we deliver on our promise!

Focus on Cost Efficiencies

ShortCut companies have developed a six-step approach to program negotiations that all our event management companies adhere to, regardless of program size.

1. Initial Hotel RFP – outlining concession elements
2. Pre-contract – leveraging specific hotels
3. Contract Stage – incorporating hotel company corporate contracts and hotel addendum
4. Ongoing – planning process as program elements and opportunities change
5. On-site – conducting daily reconciliation and program needs changes
6. Final Bill Review – conducting a full audit of our suppliers, back-up and billing

Cost Savings Analysis

Based on our six-step approach to negotiations, our event management organizers undertake a cost savings analysis that drives value for you. The objective is to clearly quantify our value to you through cost savings initiatives. Our companies manage your budget as if it was their own, and we are committed to continually working with our suppliers in order to provide the best program with the best value. Our formula demonstrates that through our diligent negotiations, our companies pay for themselves.

4. Industry Benchmarking and Comparative Data

Our event management companies and event organizers have extensive experience with all major industry types and market segments. ShortCut’s event organizer companies can provide you with comparative data that benchmarks your program with the industry.

5. Leveraging Purchasing Power

When our event organizers combine your business initiatives with their diverse customer portfolio, you become stronger together in terms of negotiations with hotels and other suppliers. You can take advantage of our long-standing event management suppliers’ relationship.

6. Technology Innovation

Every ShortCut event management company in London offers you the latest technology solutions in event management. In addition to developing custom Web sites for participant enrollment and information, a variety of proprietary systems have been built with the attendee and customer as the priority. Many state-of-the-art systems are customized for a diverse clientele range.

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