Planning and procedure to host a successful event in London

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Planning and procedure to host a successful event in London

Successful events need sufficient lead-time for planning and organizing…and sometimes that may require two years by professional event organizer companies in UK. You should see the following as a general guideline for your event planning. These methods and procedures are used by event management companies in UK. The guide contains key elements to undertake when putting together your successful event through an event management company in UK. To create an event, event management companies and event organizers take the following steps:

1. Check the date on the organization event calendar for potential scheduling conflicts
2. Book the venue or room, along with related services
3. Contact an event marketing agency office to talk about publicity and promotion

A usual corporate event is planned long before its implementation. Usually event planning and management starts a year or so before event occurrence and event management companies in UK use all available options to properly plan and host n event. Here are general list of steps described in reverse chronological order involved in successful event implementation:

One year:

1. Event management companies in UK set date and site for your event
2. Event organizers develop goals and objectives for the event
3. Event management company develops the theme for event
4. Event organizers draft version of revenue & expense budget.

Six Months:

1. Negotiate facilities, services, and contracts
2. Prepare Event time table
3. Construct a realistic budget for your event. Building revenue sources is very important. Set event pricing.
4. Leadership structure of event identified
5. Specify staff responsibilities
6. Create a plan for use of volunteers: how many needed & outline of duties
7. Establish publicity plan in conjunction with a professional event marketing company in UK
8. Development, Marketing & PR trough professional event organizers
9. Prepare press releases
10. Design draft of invitation package & related materials after consultation with event marketing and management company
11. Prepare guest lists
12. Draft of program and script created by event management companies in UK.
13. Negotiate for special speakers
14. Lists of A-V equipment needed by all participants provided by event organizers
15. Negotiate with site and catering managers
16. Solicit or purchase giveaways and/or souvenirs

Three Months:

1. Clarify details and instructions for menus, receptions
2. Arrange site layout, sound & decorating
3. Complete in-kind solicitations
4. Prepare checklist for items & people you need at event
5. Arrange for a photographer
6. Arrange for recording/taping
7. Finalize design for invitation, program & materials

Two Months:

1. Event invitations mailed
2. Monitor invitation response
3. Fine tune event schedule
4. Fine tune event program timeline

One Month:

1. Make or order final visuals
2. Order necessary signage
3. Event marketing company will alert press if coverage is desired
4. Make detailed arrangement charts
5. Arrange for last minute reproduction of papers, handouts, if needed
6. Confirm all agreements in writing with speakers, suppliers, etc.

Two Weeks:

1. Assembly of checklist & materials for event by event management company in UK
2. Preparation of releases for invited media through event marketing and management company
3. Event organizers will arrange for any VIP transportation, such as out-of-town invited speaker pickup at airport
4. Reconfirm all arrangements with suppliers (food, shipping, audio-visual, etc)
5. Set seating charts if needed
6. Schedule any rehearsals needed

One Week:

1. Prepare name badges
2. Order any VIP amenities

Two days:

1. Go over your checklist with event management companies in UK
2. Review plans with Leadership
3. Check on arrival of all shipped materials and equipment
4. Secure storage of marketing materials and equipment prepared about event marketing company and event organizers
5. Check handout materials
6. Reconfirm photographer

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