Use Of Social Networking Sites In Ecommerce / Online Business

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Use / effectiveness of social networking sites in Ecommerce / online business

Gossiping Your Way to a Successful Ecommerce Business

Everyone knew that person in school that knew everything; not the nerd that ruined the curve on all the exams, but the social butterfly that was in the know on all the latest dirt about anyone and everyone. People were just drawn to that person for the sake of getting the heads up on all the juiciest bits of social knowledge.

The social butterfly is a person that is valued for their knowledge and information. Through whatever means they had at their disposal they find a way to find out anything and everything that people are actually interested in and then spreading the word; social networking is born.

Sounds like an online business owner’s dream, right? But then how much could one social butterfly do? Would it not take thousands to generate sufficient buzz on your e-commerce business?

Social Networking Sites

The need for thousands of social butterflies has been taken care of thanks to the proliferation of social networking sites on the World Wide Web these days. Thanks to the internet it is now possible to increase your circle of friends from those in your class, neighborhood, or local bar to anywhere in the world that an internet connection is available.

Social networking is simply expanding your sphere of influence in the world to include whomever possible. Social networking sites exist to allow people to do this on just about any scale you can imagine. Facebook and MySpace are two of the most common social networking sites with the ability to link people up from around the world. Other social networking sites bring people together of like mind for a purpose, i.e. social causes, business contacts, musical taste, love of food, etc.

So how do I expand my Online Social Network?

Social networking sites can do a lot for you whether you are looking to promote your online business site or just become more familiar with the world round you. Many sites such as Facebook allow people to join specific online groups. This is a great way to find people that have a specific set of interest that you also share.

To really make use of social networking sites you have to essentially do what the name implies- network. Go online and join whichever site suits your purpose. Look around the web for different sites that cater to particular groups. Join them and then become active in chats. You would be surprised just how many are out there, but you’ll have to do some networking in order to find out!

So what can Facebook do for me and my E-commerce Business?

Whether you are just bored sitting at home or trying to drive some traffic into your e-commerce site, online social networking sites can do wonders for you.

Many online businesses are starting to use sites like Facebook to promote their business. People can become fans of their profile which would in turn notify their friends that they have done so exposing that online business to that person’s entire social network. Not a bad way to stir up interest!

E-commerce businesses should get involved in whatever social networking sites they can find for the same reason they got into business in the first place- to make money. The purpose of having an online business is to expand your marketplace to the entire world. Social networking sites are free to join and easy to navigate. It is becoming more common for people to use them to ask people about different businesses and products. It only makes sense that you become a part of that discussion in order to generate more e-commerce your way!

Interesting, but what is in the Fine Print?

People have been conditioned to be wary of anything that looks too good to be true, especially when it comes to e-commerce business since you really have nothing tangible to hold onto. However, sometimes things really are as easy or good as they look.

Your online business can only benefit from exposure through social networking sites. The biggest need in e-commerce is getting the word out that our business exists. With social networking sites you can have other people doing that for you! For example, say your e-commerce business has twelve employees and one that is pretty knowledgeable on website design and knows how to craft a really good profile; treat it like a web page and your profile can really act as an extension of the site your web designers already built for you.

All your employees become fans of your business; all of their friends receive a notice that they are now friends with your business. Now say that each one has 100 friends; of those 100 friends, 5 check your profile out and become fans as well. Now you have another 60 people linked to your site telling all their friends that they are fans of you. Get the idea?

Basically, through social networking sites you can do some tremendous advertising and it is free (except for the time you spend online). With an engaging and easy to find profile you will not even have to do any work. As people search for something they will find you. As they become fans or friends they will be taking the message- the message of you and your e-commerce site- to their friends, who will in turn take it their friends, who will take it to their friends…

This is a great way for an e-commerce site to generate interest. As for the fine print- well, there is not any. This is one of those rare cases where it actually is as good as it looks. So boost your e-commerce business and start networking if you already have not! For more information on Ecommerce Web Design see our Ecommerce Get Started page.