Role Of Chat Rooms Or Message Boards In Getting Product Reviews

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Role of chat rooms or message boards in getting product reviews and ratings

Chatting your E-commerce Site to Profitability

Celebrities tend to believe in one major concept when it comes to the dissemination of information- the only bad news is no news. For them, as long as their name is on the tongues and minds of the people then they consider whatever it took to get there worth the trouble.

Business does not have that same luxury. Once the news hits about a shady business deal or people getting sick or hurt about a product there is a rush to sell that stock because it is going to tank (at least in the short term). With some ingenious advertising it is possible to come back from poor press, but it is a costly and time consuming challenge.

E-commerce businesses have it a little bit harder yet easier. The key to any business is letting people know that you are out there, be it a real world business or an online one. In the real world there are all sorts of methods to publicize your business that can cost thousands if not millions of dollars. For an e-commerce business it can be done a lot cheaper and easier (if you know what you are doing)

Nearly Free Advertising

As previously mentioned the key to any business, ecommerce or otherwise is letting the world know you exist. With most of the world connected via the World Wide Web the possibility of reaching out and touching an incredible number of potential customers is definitely prevalent.

If your website design is done properly then anytime certain keywords are searched for through Yahoo! Google,, and any of the numerous search engines in existence your site will pop up in that search. This is an area that you may want to consider paying for better website designers rather than cheap ones. A good website designer will know how to encode the right tags into your site so that it will pop up in searches easily and often.

In essence this advertising is free since you get it whenever someone searches for certain terms, but since you do have to pay your website designer it is only nearly free. However, there are free forms of advertising out there…

Who’s a Chatty Cathy?

A popular form of communication ever since the internet has been around, chat rooms have allowed people to converse electronically with people all over the world. Since one of the perks about working in e-commerce is to be able to sell online whatever your heart desires to anyone in the world what better way to publicize your wares?

Online chat rooms and message boards have become popular forms of internet communication as they tend to resemble a form of online community. Often times, people tend to strike up friendships with those they meet in chat rooms and become life-long friends online and in the real world. The types of informal exposure that chat rooms and message boards allow make them the perfect place to publicize your e-commerce business.

Benefits of Chatting up your E-commerce Solution

The purpose of an e-commerce business is just like any other- to make money, whether you are in the U.S, the UK, or Istanbul. Making use of message boards and online chat rooms can go a long way to increasing your bottom line.

For any business to succeed it needs to be able to get educational information on your site. People like to show off how smart they think they are; chat rooms and message boards are the perfect forum for the closet brainiac. The good thing is, most of the world knows this so they have no problem searching through message boards and chat rooms to get opinions and information on different products. It is almost silly not to do so, especially when you are doing business on a global scale.

Message boards and chat rooms are things which people tend to come back to time and time again, especially when they find one that they like. Get linked up with a good one, and you have a surefire way to drive more and more repeat visitors back to your site.

To be successful in an e-commerce business it helps to get to know your clientele. Many message boards and chat rooms require people to go through a quick, simple registration process. People generally go ahead and do so since they usually only request basic information like such as age and gender; some will go as far as to ask what your income bracket is and highest education level obtained as well. Whatever they ask, it can give you a great way to see who is interested in your business and possibly even collect their email address too.

As your e-commerce gets more and more exposure via message boards, chat rooms, and other online forums it also tends to lend a sense of credibility to you and your business. People tend to be more trusting of something that they feel they can trust or has been around for a while. The more traffic your site gets and exposure in chat rooms and message boards the more likely people will be to think that your business must be reputable for so many people to be talking about it.

Of course the key to any business, e-commerce or not, is to establish a relationship with your customer base. Since you will probably never see them in person, conversing with them via the chat room or a message board is the next best thing. As computers continue to become more and more affordable there will only be a higher number of people that look to them as their main source of communication with the outside world. For more information on Ecommerce Web Design see our Ecommerce Get Started page.