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Open source ecommerce development is the latest ecommerce web development trend, currently being popularised in the UK by developers of the pioneering Magento open source ecommerce development platform. Open source ecommerce development involves using unique, downloadable platforms which can be supported and implemented by developers, yet provide plenty of customisation tools for e-retailers to manage and run their ecommerce websites

Open source ecommerce software is principally the same as Open-source Software (OSS) in that it has an open software licence which allows developers and members of the web development community to change, improve and study the source code of the software. Open source ecommerce software is generally free to download in “Community Editions” which are suitable for the development of small to large sized ecommerce businesses. PLCs and Multi-nationals who may require extensive open source ecommerce development software can purchase “Enterprise Editions” of the many platforms which are available

One of the reasons why intuitive ecommerce website developers are building open source ecommerce websites is because the open source ecommerce software itself is constantly being improved and added to. Many of the open source ecommerce software platforms that are available in the UK provide e-retailers with lots of additional features such as Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, customisation tools, report management and site administration tools. Popular UK open source ecommerce platforms include:

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