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Online Ecommerce Best Practice

Starting an online ecommerce business is like starting any other kind of business, there are right ways to do things and there are wrong ways to do things. Achieving best practice is vital to the success and longevity of any business, and online ecommerce is no exception. In this article we introduce three fundamentals of best practice for all newcomers to online ecommerce

Online Ecommerce Best Practice Rule 1 – The Right Ecommerce Website

A fully-functioning website is absolutely crucial to online ecommerce! An effective online ecommerce website is well-developed, thoughtfully designed and above all else completely safe and secure. In the process of online ecommerce the website acts as the nerve centre of the business, the right online ecommerce website should:

  • Communicate the nature of the e-business with stakeholders and the world wide web
  • Allow customers to carry out a range of safe and secure transactions
  • Store sensitive information in a secure manner
  • Be flexible in its development to expand over time

Online Ecommerce Best Practice Rule 2 – The Right Communication

One of the key elements of purchasing processes which is missing from online ecommerce is face to face communication and interaction between customers and a business. Successful online ecommerce businesses realise this, and replace this type of communication with a number of online ecommerce-specific communications including:

  • 24 hour email services
  • Extended telephone contact services
  • Online forums and feedback forms
  • Interactive chat facilities

Online Ecommerce Best Practice Rule 3 – Rewarding Loyalty

Purchasing goods and services online is a completely different experienced to buying them from a physical store, and the rewarding relationships that develop between face to face interaction and communication don’t develop through online ecommerce. Creating new online ecommerce specific relationships to replace this involve rewarding loyalty through a range of methods including

  • Incentives such as free gifts and discounts
  • Reward points
  • Rich interactive “members only” content
  • Money-saving special offers

For further advice and information about online ecommerce best practice why not get in contact with one of our Ecommerce Website Design & Development Buyer Advisors? Our Knowledge Experts will answer any questions you may have and can even suggest ways to improve your online ecommerce efforts