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The Basics of Ecommerce Website Design

If you are considering starting a new ecommerce business it’s important to be aware of the processes that are involved in the creation of an ecommerce website. In this article we introduce the basics of ecommerce website design.

Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce Websites are effectively a business’s online shop, and successful ecommerce websites need attractive layout and design in order to be appealing. Aesthetics and visuals are incredibly important to customers when they are making a purchasing decision, the most successful shops on an average British high street are those with spacious layouts and clear product displays. These principals should be applied to the design of each ecommerce web page on a site, the ecommerce website needs to showcase the products and services it sells with attractive and appealing ecommerce website design and the correct usage of whitespace

Another aspect of ecommerce website design is that it needs to reflect and mirror the business’s corporate branding. All successful bricks’n’mortar stores have a clear brand which is communicated to customers as soon as they walk into the shop through interior design, logos and even the typogaphy chosen on packages and signage. The same care and attention to detail needs to be applied to ecommerce website and web page design so that online customers know who’s ecommerce website they are browsing.

Ecommerce Design Usability

The stage of ecommerce website design where many budding e-retailers fall flat is understanding the usability of ecommerce website design. An online business could have the most visually engaging and stimulating ecommerce website design which provokes immediate buying responses in users, but if the design itself isn’t usable customers will not stick around long enough! Successful ecommerce websites are usable and follow simple and sensible navigation and information architectures.

Although discussed more under the subject of ecommerce website development, search functions are also an important element of ecommerce website design. When users visit an ecommerce website they expect to be able to find the product or service that they need in a matter of seconds using a sophisticated search function. Search functions should be placed in the most noticeable position on each individual ecommerce web page, there’s no point asking your customers to search for the search function!

Ecommerce Communication

Effective ecommerce website design doesn’t just provide attractive graphics and bold search engine functions, it also communicates with customers and website users. Buying and selling is all about two-way communication, from the buyer to the seller and from the seller to the buyer. Because ecommerce websites don’t provide the personal communication that bricks’n’mortar stores do, it’s important that such communication is reflected in the ecommerce website design. Providing customers with information such as FAQs, delivery & returns policies, how to complete a transaction online and contact details for key staff members is a surefire way of ensuring an ecommerce website design meets it’s communication requirements

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