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If you want to turn your website into a thriving ecommerce business, you need to provide your customers with an ecommerce store in which to purchase your goods and services. Ecommerce stores (or e commerce shops) are complex functions which require the installation of specific ecommerce store software. Although ecommerce store software should only be installed into a website by experienced ecommerce website developers, it’s still important to be aware of the types of ecommerce store software which will be used to create your e-business.

Shopping Cart Ecommerce Store Software

Shopping carts are vital functions needs for all ecommerce websites. Shopping carts enable customers to select, save and checkout their online purchases in a secure and safe environment. Popular shopping cart ecommerce store software includes: CubeCart, X-Cart and Actinic

Payment Gateway Ecommerce Store Software

Payment gateways are services that allow customers to electronically pay for their goods and services in a securely encrypted environment. Some of the most secure payment gateway ecommerce store software includes: PayPal, Google Checkout, Netbanx and protx.

Ecommerce Platform Ecommerce Store Software

Ecommerce platforms are fully integrational software platforms which include ecommerce store software in addition to other elements of ecommerce development software. Most ecommerce store software is provided by ecommerce platforms as an all-in-one development solution, popular providers include: Magento and Freeway.

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