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The Buyer’s Guide to Ecommerce Software Package

In recent years there has been a multitude of ecommerce software packages available to e-retailers in the UK, providing everything from ecommerce web design software to ecommerce shop software. In this article, we introduce some key ecommerce software package requirements, and take a closer look at popular types of ecommerce software packages.

The Requirements of an Ecommerce Software Package

Before you consider purchasing an ecommerce software package, you need to ensure that the package your purchase meets fundamental ecommerce software requirements. When looking at a potential ecommerce software package, keep in mind the following points:


Does the ecommerce software package provide a store with a professional and trustworthy appearance? If the ecommerce software package is template-based, can the templates be customised? Can the software package be used to create cross-browser websites that have good navigation and clean layouts?


What level of functionality does the ecommerce software package provide? Does it provide record-keeping functionality which is safe and secure for customer details, shipping information and product information? Is the ecommerce software package able to handle multiple currencies and different VAT levels?

Build and Development

What level of development skill is needed to properly use the ecommerce software package? Does it provide wizards and step-by-step tutorials for the design and build of an ecommerce website? Can the ecommerce software package be easily integrated with payment gateways and additional ecommerce software to enable to growth and development of the ecommerce site?

All-in-one Ecommerce Software Package

All-in-one ecommerce software packages are “off the shelf” ecommerce software packages which typically provide e-retailers with everything that they need to build and create an ecommerce website. Some all-in-one ecommerce software packages also provide ready to use payment gateways, which minimises the reliance on external software providers.

All-in-one ecommerce software packages vary in quality and functionality from cheaper ecommerce software packages to more expensive ecommerce software packages which provide extensive functionalities and backend facilities. Although all-in-one software packages provide e-retailers with a complete commerce solution, they can be difficult to use and require prior knowledge of software integration, along with web development basics such as HTML, programming and coding.

Storefront and Shopping Cart Ecommerce Software Packages

Storefront and shopping cart ecommerce software packages can also be purchased off the shelf, but unlike all-in-one ecommerce software packages they take the form of individual ecommerce software modules. Storefront and shopping cart ecommerce software packages can be installed into websites to transform them from standard websites into fully-functional ecommerce websites.

From a short-term point of view, storefront and shopping cart ecommerce software packages are cheaper to purchase and install than all-in-one ecommerce software packages. Since this type of ecommerce software package only provides single ecommerce functions, in the long term it may be more cost-effective for e-retailers to purchase all-in-one ecommerce software packages depending on their future growth plans. For first-time e-retailers however, storefront and shopping cart ecommerce software packages make ideal purchases as they are easy to install and can instantly provide a website with a working ecommerce store.

For further advice and information about ecommerce software packages, or to find a suitable ecommerce software package for your ecommerce project, why not get in contact with one of our friendly Ecommerce Buyer Advisors? Our Knowledge Experts will work with you to clarify your ecommerce software package requirements, before putting you in direct contact with reputable UK-based providers of ecommerce software packages.