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Ecommerce websites are different in many ways to standard business websites, most notably for the way that ecommerce websites incorporate complex and specific ecommerce sofware. This software is not just used to create and build the website of an ecommerce business, it also creates the transactions and functions that all ecommerce websites need to perform. In this article we introduce those items of ecommerce software which are needed to create a fully functioning online ecommerce business

Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

Ecommerce shopping cart software is the basis of all ecommerce websites. Ecommerce shopping cart software is a type of specific ecommerce shopping software which allows website users to virtually “purchase” goods and services, and provides a secure payment portal. Ecommerce shopping cart software is what makes an online business work, without it an ecommerce website cannot perform its functions and users are left without a secure and easy way to choose and pay for goods and services. Many professional ecommerce website developers create bespoke shopping cart software for integration into an ecommerce site, but “off the shelf” ecommerce shopping cart software is widely available from manufactures of ecommerce shopping software

Ecommerce CMS Software

An extremely useful piece of software for any ecommerce website is a Content Management System (CMS). Successful ecommerce websites are like bricks’n’mortar shops, they continually change the layout of the products and services that are being sold to generate new interest and refresh sales. An ecommerce content management system enables ecommerce website owners to manage this without needing to alter the code of their website. Ecommerce CMS software is also an important piece of an online business’s search engine optimisation efforts, because of the simplicity of a CMS website owners who have no knowledge of coding and programming can keep refreshing their websites with plenty of search engine-friendly content. Professional ecommerce website developers are often keen to include content management systems in new ecommerce website builds, and some even prefer to build an ecommerce website using popular content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal

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