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An e commerce shop is a fundamental component of an ecommerce website. Without an ecommerce shop, an ecommerce website cannot function and it will not achieve its strategic business development objectives. Simply put, an e commerce shop is the heart of an ecommerce website, providing customers with a safe and secure way to order and purchase goods and services.

Consider the purpose behind any typical ecommerce website; one of its key roles is to sell goods and services online. Ecommerce websites don’t just showcase products and provide information about services, they (perhaps most importantly) enable customers to buy these products and services through a fully-functional ecommerce shop (also known as an ecommerce store). This ecommerce shop is what transforms an ordinary and informative website into a thriving and successful e-business.

Generally speaking, an ecommerce shop which is fully-functional and secure will consist of a number of separate components including:

  • A Shopping Basket which enables customers to virtually “save” the goods and purchases that they want to purchase
  • An Order Confirmation function which enables customers to verify their orders and make any last minute changes/additions
  • A Virtual Checkout which enables customers to “check-out“ their goods and services purchased by providing delivery addresses and payment preferences
  • A secure Ecommerce Payment Gateway which allows customers to electronically pay for their purchases using a variety of popular payment methods (Debit/Credit Cards, Bank Transfers. PayPal etc)

When creating a brand new ecommerce website, most website developers will install all the elements of an e commerce shop as part of a standard development and build. The latest ecommerce development software such as Magento also provides secure and fully-functional e commerce shop services which can be installed into new or existing ecommerce websites.

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