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The Basics of Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce websites are complicated things which require complex design and development processes in order to be created. Following on from our introduction to the basics of Ecommerce Website Design, in this article we introduce the basics of Ecommerce Website Development

Custom Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce web development is a specialist skill and is normally only achievable by budding e-retailers with custom ecommerce web development services from professional developers and software engineers. Although there are many affordable ecommerce web development solutions available from developers in the UK, custom ecommerce development is often the most expensive part of setting up an online business but it is worth the extra cost. Developing an ecommerce website is similar to building a physical store, without solid foundations the end result will be unstructured and unusable. Only custom ecommerce development from skilled professionals guarantees an end result of a usable, high-performing and accessible ecommerce website

Software for Ecommerce Website Development

One of the reasons why ecommerce website development is so complex in comparison to standard website development is because in addition to excellent knowledge of frameworks, programming and site building, ecommerce website developers need to be proficient in the usage of specialised software. During any ecommerce website development process, software such as shopping carts, databases and content management systems need to be properly integrated to enable the website to function properly. Without this vital software or with poorly integrated software, an ecommerce website will not perform the transactions and functions that it needs to in order to be effective.

Usability and Ecommerce Website Development

We briefly introduced the concept of ecommerce usability in our Basics of Ecommerce Website Design article, but usability belongs as much to ecommerce development as it does to ecommmerce design. Ecommerce website development provides the tools, software and frameworks to turn a usable website design into a usable site. Let’s look at search functions for example: a usable ecommerce website design dictates that bold and obvious search functions are to be placed every web page of the site, but how do these search functions turn into usable features on an ecommerce website? Through ecommerce website development! The same goes for shopping carts, a design may dictate that a website needs a secure shopping cart but it is through skilled ecommerce development that the shopping cart becomes a usable function of the finished ecommerce website.

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