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An ecommerce builder is typically an all-in-one ecommerce solution that is used to create and develop websites with ecommerce functionalities. Ecommerce builders are specific items of ecommerce software which have been designed to make the complex process of building and developing an ecommerce site into a relatively straight-forward procedure. Within the UK there are generally two different types of ecommerce builder in wide use, an ecommerce builder template and an ecommerce builder platform.

Ecommerce Builder Templates

Ecommerce builder templates are all-in-one ecommerce builder solutions that are ideal for DIY-development use. Ecommerce builder templates can typically be purchases as more sophisticated version of ecommerce web design templates, and will contain separate development software for shopping cart and checkouts. One of the main drawbacks of using an ecommerce builder template is that more often than not, the ecommerce web design customisation levels are extremely limited. Resulting in websites which are not as unique or engaging as those which have been created through the more bespoke forms of ecommerce web design and development.

Ecommerce Builder Platforms

Ecommerce builder platforms are much more complex items of ecommerce builder software that should only be used by experienced website developers. Like other ecommerce builder types, ecommerce builder platforms are all-in-one ecommerce builder software solutions that enable the design and build of websites and the full customisation of ecommerce functionalities. Popular ecommerce builder platforms, such as Magneto and Freeway, provide a range of specific ecommerce builder solutions including: shopping carts, checkouts, ecommerce store fronts, order fulfilments, product pages/catalogue listings, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionalities and CMS (Content Management Systems). Ecommerce builder platforms can also be easily integrated with popular ecommerce payment gateways such as PayPal and Google Checkout to create a fully-functional ecommerce website.

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