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The Buyer’s Guide to Custom Ecommerce Software

If you are looking to purchase a truly individual and unique ecommerce software package to create your ecommerce website, look no further than custom ecommerce software. Custom ecommerce software are bespoke software packages which can be tailored and customised to provide e-retailers with everything that they need to build and develop ecommerce websites. In this article, we take a closer look at custom ecommerce software.

What is Custom Ecommerce Software?

Custom ecommerce software is a made-to-measure software package which is customised to meet the specific needs, requirements and objectives of an individual e-retailer and ecommerce business. A custom ecommerce software package will provide e-retailers with the means to create truly unique ecommerce websites which differentiate from the websites of their rivals and competitors. Usually purchased directly from ecommerce software manufacturers, custom ecommerce software packages can also be purchased from experienced ecommerce website developers and software engineers during an ecommerce development process. Custom ecommerce software packages are “build-your-own” systems, and will typically include the following components:

What are the Benefits of Custom Ecommerce Software?

Custom ecommerce software is an extremely advantageous and beneficial purchase for certain ecommerce businesses and e-retailers. Because custom ecommerce software is a customised package, it completely meets the individual needs and requirements of an e-business. Custom ecommerce software packages that are built with care will also provide long term gains and benefits to an e-business, providing software updates which are needed to ensure the future development and success of their ecommerce websites.

Custom ecommerce software, when used to develop an ecommerce website also creates a totally unique and original online shopping portal which provides users and customers with a unique shopping experience. Differentiation is the key to standing out online, and custom ecommerce software helps an e-business differentiate by developing unique, engaging and creative ecommerce websites. The originality and uniqueness of a website created using custom ecommerce software can even help e-businesses to survive and thrive in difficult economic climates.

What are the Costs of Custom Ecommerce Software?

Due to the bespoke nature of custom ecommerce software, the costs of ecommerce software packages can often reach thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pounds. Depending on the amount of customisation involved, and the functionality contained within the custom ecommerce software package most UK businesses should budget for costs totalling between £20,000 and £50,000. Even though custom ecommerce software is significantly more expensive than standard ecommerce software, as a made-to-measure software package the high prices are entirely justified. Custom ecommerce software is designed to last, and will often provide multiple returns on investment both in the short and long term.

Due to the high cost of the software, custom ecommerce software is not recommended for small businesses or first time e-retailers. In order to get the most out of custom ecommerce software, a business needs to establish itself on the online marketplace first. Within the UK there are a wide range of suitable alternatives to custom ecommerce software, which we discuss in our extensive Buyer Guides.

For further advice and information about custom ecommerce software, or to find a suitable provider of customer ecommerce software why not get in contact with one of our friendly Ecommerce Buyer Advisors? Our Knowledge Experts will work with your to define your custom ecommerce software requirements, and when you are ready will put you in direct contact with reputable UK-based providers of custom ecommerce software.