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Used Diggers Are Suitable For Small Business In The UK

Heavy-duty machines, such as diggers and excavators, are costly to buy. A small construction business in the UK for instance, that requires using one, may not be financially strong enough to afford the cost of a brand new digger or excavator. Therefore, there is a huge market for used diggers and excavators in the UK.

Even if a business has the financial strength to buy brand new heavy-duty equipment, it may still be a wise idea to acquire used equipment, which is smaller in size and is more suited to the needs of a small business, rather than investing heavily in buying brand new large equipment that may be over sized for your particular job.

Used diggers and excavators come in various sizes and models. Some are suitable for digging deep for high rise building foundations and some are suitable for digging small trenches and ponds. Most small construction businesses in the UK prefer to buy used mini diggers or excavators due to the following reasons:


Brand new and large digger or excavator will depreciate at a higher rate then a used mini digger. In most cases, if you could find a used excavator in a very good condition, it will not only cost up to 50% less than a brand new one but it will also hold its value for several years if it’s condition doesn’t deteriorate much.

Huge variety to choose from:

Large variety of used mini diggers could be found in your local market as well as on the internet. Since there are so many places where a used excavator could be sourced from, you are bound to find one in a very good condition at a highly competitive price.

Smaller scale digging jobs:

Most small construction businesses take on smaller excavation jobs, such as digging for trenches or small building foundations within a small digging radius. For these types of jobs, a used mini excavator that weighs between 3-5 tons is more than enough.

A word of caution here: Used small business diggers may seem like a very good deal but it could also be problematic for you if you are not careful enough in choosing the right mini digger or excavator for your business. When you look for a used small business digger in a good condition, check for service history and previous usage details to ensure that you get a good deal.