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Which Type Of Digger And Excavator Is Suitable For You?

With the advent of heavy duty industrial equipment, digging earth is no longer a hard job. Digging machines, which are also known as excavators have made it very simple to dig and move large quantities of earth soil in a short amount of time. Excavators are mostly used in the construction industry to dig foundations of buildings and to quickly shift the excavated soil to another vehicle such as a dumper. Excavators are also used by DIY enthusiasts to carry out digging jobs in their backyard.

Excavators come in various sizes and ranges. The ones that are normally used in the construction industry are of a huge size and can perform a variety of jobs, such as, digging, hammering, and bucketing soil. There are also small diggers available that are commonly known as mini-excavators, which obviously have limited capabilities. However, they are good enough for small to medium sized digging jobs where time is not in a short supply, and they are way cheaper than heavy duty excavators. Hence when choosing to buy, lease or rent an excavator, you should thoroughly examine your requirements and get a digger which is most suited to your needs. Otherwise you could end up paying unnecessarily high.

The most popular brands of excavators in the UK are Caterpillar, Volvo, Hitachi, JCB and Komatsu excavators. Caterpillars and Volvos are the most expensive brands due to their durability, built quality, reliability and longevity. Hitachi, JCB and Komatsu come under category 2 machines, which are considered to provide good value for money but they are not as sophisticated as Volvos and Caterpillars.

Brand new excavators are obviously costly. Their price depends on their brand, size and type. Buying an excavator is not the only option you have. You can easily lease it for a certain period, which is a more cost-effective option for you if you intend to use an excavator for 6 months or more. If you need to use an excavator only for a few days then renting would be the best option for you. Renting excavators through construction companies or heavy duty equipment leasing companies is more popular in the UK.

There is also a big market of second hand excavators in the UK and else where in the world. If you are looking to purchase your own excavator then do consider looking for a second hand one. The cost of a second hand excavator in good condition can be half the cost of a brand new one. The most popular brands for second hand excavators are Caterpillar, Hitachi and Komatsu excavators due to their reliability, durability and long life.

Whether you rent, lease or buy an excavator, you should carefully examine the requirements of your excavating job and choose a digger accordingly. Things that you should consider are:

  • What size bucket you would require for your project?
  • How deep you have to dig?
  • Are you tight on time?
  • What size and weight of excavator would be most suitable for your project?
  • Do you require electronically controlled or mechanically controlled hydraulics? Electronically controlled hydraulics is usually used for precision digging jobs.