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What you need to know about Wireless CCTV Cameras

Businesses and organisations needing a CCTV camera or CCTV cameras systems will often consider a wireless CCTV camera or surveillance system. Since they are relatively easy to use, wireless CCTV cameras UK can be a popular choice for businesses and organizations of all sizes, even those with larger areas of property to monitor. In this article we take a closer look at wireless CCTV cameras, as well as the various different types of wireless CCTV cameras that there are available for business use in the UK.

Introduction to a Wireless Security Camera

A wireless CCTV camera or wireless security camera is basically a CCTV system with a wire free camera, which connects remotely to a recording device and viewing monitor. Wireless security cameras are flexible and versatile in their usage, and they can be utilised to monitor everything from internal rooms and hallways to car parks, land and building entrances. Another great aspect about wireless camera security is that, aside from installation and set-up, it is quick and easy to use and comparatively less expensive than many of the other types of camera or surveillance/security system available on the market. Prices for wireless CCTV cameras are relevant to their specifications, and the more comprehensive systems such as the best wireless security cameras will be more expensive than hand-held or covert versions.

A more extensive Wireless Camera Security System

Much like basic wireless CCTV systems only with extra functionality, a wireless security camera system provides more extensive coverage and security for larger businesses and organisations. Wireless security camera systems and wireless CCTV camera systems can include as many individual cameras as necessary, so that businesses and organisations can get the security system that they need. The best wireless CCTV systems available in the UK can often be customised in this way, with additional cameras for multiple points throughout a location. Wireless CCTV systems UK can also be built from scratch via certain CCTV suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that businesses and organisations get the best wireless CCTV system for their needs.

The Wireless IP CCTV Camera

A wireless IP CCTV camera is essentially a security camera that enables remote viewing via an internet connection, which can also be transmitted to a specific IP address. Via this connection, businesses and organisations can monitor their property and organisation regardless of their location (some systems are also compatible with smartphones and portable mobile devices). Some wireless IP CCTV cameras can also be enhanced with specific software programmes to enable full manipulation (including panning, tilting, zooming etc) making them ideal for businesses and organisations who do not have full-time on site security staff.

The disadvantages of a Wireless Surveillance Camera

Although wireless CCTV cameras are very useful and are ideal for certain types of businesses and organizations, they do have their drawbacks. Wireless surveillance cameras require a specific and dedicated frequency in order to transmit effectively, and any interruptions to this frequency can result in a loss of security. It’s also difficult to guarantee the individual picture quality of a wireless surveillance system or individual wireless CCTV cameras especially when comparing them to the picture quality of a comprehensive, wired CCTV system. Even though they are comparatively easy to use, repairing and modifying wireless CCTV cameras and systems requires very specific knowledge and expertise, and may have to be outsourced to professional CCTV repair experts.

Wireless CCTV cameras and systems aren’t the only options available to businesses and organisations in need of security and surveillance, and in our next article – Getting the right CCTV System for your Business we take a closer look at the alternatives to wireless CCTV cameras.