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Tranax ATM Machines

If you have shopped, gambled, went to a movie, or gone to a local bar somewhere in North America than there is a god chance that you have used a Tranax ATM.

Tranax was founded with the purpose of developing self-service technology to a variety of different types of businesses. In close to a quarter century of work there have been almost a 100,000 Tranax ATMs made, sold, and installed in places all over North America.

From the beginning the company was set on working towards coming up with the most efficient, innovative, and up to date products for the needs of their customers. It is not a big company, but what it does do is produce a quality, reliable product that can service current and emerging markets.

Tranax decided in 2006 that they needed to take care of manufacturing themselves. Since then they have shipped out over 20,000 ATM units to places all over the continent.

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