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NCR ATM Machines

NCR Corporation has a history that reaches back to the 19th century, when the concept of ATM machines was far from the conscience of the general public. Fast forward to the 21st century and ATM machines are facts of life.

NCR ATM machines have been around for the better part of half a century with the first ones coming out in the 1970s in the United Kingdom. The company really started to take hold of the ATM market in 1983 with the creation of Model 5070. Many a model has been developed since then, helping the company expand to more than one third of the market for ATMs and approximately $18 trillion withdrawn from NCR ATM machines yearly.

The most current series of NCR ATM machines are the Self-Serv 20 and 30 series. These were developed in 2008 and were made with the idea of keeping costs. The 20 series model will only dispense cash while the 30 series is fully functional.

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