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Hyosung ATM Machine

The Hyosung Group, created back in 1957, in Korea does many things along with manufacturing ATMs. It’s ATM machines are definitely of high quality.

Hysung ATMs are some of the more secure ones that you will find. The Mini-Bank 1500 has a nice quarter inch steel bottom that helps weigh it down and make it difficult for anyone to try to move (that should not be moving ti at least). At a weight of just under 300 pounds it has an increased level of stability unlike many ATMs in its class. Combine it with a top of the line safe and you have one of the more secure ATMs on the market.

With a Hyosung ATM your chances of being profitable are pretty high. You can get different volume levels depending on how much cash you think might be dispensed. Fewer service calls mean your machine will be working more when you need it to, and with an easy to see sign people will be able to pick it out of even the most cluttered of stores!

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