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Diebold ATM Machines

When Diebold first got into business in 1859 they made things that could hold money like bank vaults and safes. Over a century later they started making things that could dispense money as well as hold it.

Diebold ATMs have been around since the late 1970s. Their most recent product is being heralded as a truly groundbreaking in the self-service financial industry.

The Opteva is a Diebold ATM geared towards getting the highest rate of return for financial institutions and hence making it easier for them to lower costs and reduce risks while increasing customer loyalty and profits. Essentially what the engineers have done with the latest Diebold ATM is make it as close as possible to the experience of dealing with an actual person, make is aesthetically pleasing, and as secure as possible against security threats.

If the ease of operation was not enough, the Opteva also is designed to consume less energy than most ATMs, decreasing the environmental impact of the machine.

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