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Looking for a Brand? Can’t make up your mind regarding a Cash Machine?

We have a range of suppliers for Cash Machines. Taking a look at some of the points below can really help you in finding out exactly what you need as a Cash Machine.

The Triton 9100 is the most affordable Cash Machine. Apart from it being at the lowest in the ATM Industry, it also provides industries tightest security features and also reliability when it comes down to Automated Teller Machines. Our suppliers deal in a range of Triton Cash Machines, from requirements for a Financial Institution to cost effective cash machines for other remote locations.

The Tidel 3100 is an ATM Machines aimed to provide a good value for money with a high reliability cash dispenser and at the same time being cost effective. This particular brand of ATM provides features which are only available in high end models. The security features of these Cash Machines are next to fool proof and also up gradation are possible very easily and at a much minimized upgrade cost than other Cash Machines.

The Qualtex Weather Cash Machine is a compact, weather resistant and sleek designed ATM Vestibule, giving the look of any ATM installed in any standard bank. It is fully accessible from the rear and thus is easy to be installed in any unused wall or window. Accessing the ATM from the rear makes it very secure as well, since only the face will be looking out into the busy street. Weather resistance makes these Cash Machines perfect for outdoor ATMs like drive through etc.

The Tranax Cash Machines are undoubtedly the most innovative and high value machines available in the market. Their designs and innovative features make them standout from the rest. The company has been given a “Growth Strategy Leadership Award in 2006” for its outstanding ability to make rapid strides into the highly competitive ATM Market. If you are looking for product quality and customer service and support then this should be the choice for you.

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