Cash Drawers

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Looking for a Cash Drawer? Can’t make up your mind?

A Cash Drawer is generally a compartment used to keep physical cash. It is normally underneath the Cash Register. The Cash Drawer contains a removable tray where upon there are different section in the tray to keep different denomination of Notes and Coins. We have a variety of Cash Drawers and Cash Drawer Accessory suppliers.

It can be very tough when it comes down to deciding as to which Cash Drawer one should go with. They all look the same. No! Allow us to clear out a little bit of your confusion.

The MMF Cash Drawers

The leader in Cash Drawer Supplier Industry. They have a range of products under this particular category of Cash Drawers. From “Advantage” which primarily is all about security, they have simple “Manual Drawers”. This entire depends on how much you are willing to spend.

APG Cash Drawers

Being one of the oldest in the industry they are all about durability, functionality and dependability. They are not only catering to the Consumer Market, but also the heavy duty market as well.

MS Cash Drawers

One of the leading manufacturers of Cash Drawers and full point of Sale terminals, MS Cash Drawers has clientele comprising of McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and other so many big names. For the past couple of years they have received the “Best Channel Product” and “Best Channel Vendor” award.

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