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Importance of live answering in corporate call handling

In today’s rapidly changing environments, customers in the UK are more information hungry than ever before. A customer or client wants to know everything about the products or services that they wish to buy. It is very important in case of 24 hour services like electricity, cable networks, internet and telecommunication etc. All UK based companies cannot afford to have their offices open around the clock or have a full department to handle all incoming calls.

A live answering system integrated with your PBX can tackle with this problem very efficiently. The live answering system can take all the calls and deal with them at the same time taking decisions based on predefined business goals. Live answering system adds value to your call handling process. This system consists of a professionally sounding voice guiding a caller through all the information that he or she requires. This system has an IVR which changes the options based on the input from the client. Your live answering system handles your calls even while you are on the go and can redirect the calls to appropriate extensions.

Even if you are not present in the office or if it is a holiday, the call handling system with live answering can direct all the incoming calls to mobile numbers or predefined landline numbers in the UK. If a customer is calling to get information about services, tariff and products, the live answering system can provide the information without forwarding the call to a live call handling agent. This relieves the fatigue and tension off your staff.

Live answering system in a call handling service is quite affordable. You can set this service up with your phone service provider so you don’t actually have to have any additional lines or hardware attached to your system. You can use this feature for quite a small monthly fee and the benefits are endless. Few of the salient advantages of having a live answering system attached to your PBX in the office are:

  • Scalability
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Separate hardware and cables are not required
  • No extra set up cost
  • Improve your business efficiency and productivity
  • Professional impact creation