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A guide to inbound Call Handling process using IVR

Business call handling is an important function in any UK based organisation. When you are offering a few products and services in the market, your customers may have certain queries or issues regarding them. If you are advertising your products or services through some online and/or offline medium, you may be expecting queries from prospect customers as well. In both of the abovementioned cases, the importance of providing a quality based call handling service increases many times.

In order to provide quality call handling services, small companies and businesses in the UK usually contact professional call handling service providers. These providers are also known as call centres. Call centres are of two types namely inbound and outbound. Outbound call handling is used to promote and sell your products and services. Inbound call handling services deal with customer queries and problems regarding your products and services.

The process of inbound call handling starts with a customer’s call. An inbound call handling service uses a call distribution and management software with specialised call forwarding hardware. The application and hardware constitute the first layer which includes an IVR guiding the client through different options. Most customer queries and enquiries in the UK are handled by IVR as it is configured to use pre-recorded voice messages and interactive results. Interactive call handling example can be of a telecommunication service consumer calling in to check the current balance and/or due bill date.

A few years back, this type of interactive call handling was not possible and the call handling agents had to answer all the queries. Now IVRs can generate these results in real time by matching customer queries with integrated database records and customer profiles. The use of modern technology has really lifted the burden off the call handling agents. The clients are also happy because the waiting times are eliminated and they no longer have to wait in queue for the availability of a customer service representative.

Modern call handling services ensure that you get optimum results from the least possible manpower. If you are a small company in the UK, you can even use this technology for offering in-house call handling service. Even if you outsource your call handling functions to another company, your invoice will be much lower than your anticipated costs. With the help of inbound call handling systems, your UK based company can reduce call handling costs while still providing the best possible service to your customers.

Automated systems can take calls and record messages even if no one is available to handle the call. This option is more suitable for you if you run a small business or home office. You do not need to hire separate persons for your call handling. All of your tasks can be accomplished by computerised call handling systems easily.

Recent developments in call handling technology and VoIP integration have further expanded the horizons of possibilities. Now you can take business calls through internet even when you are physically thousands of miles away from your office.