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How can integrated VoIP help your business phone system?

Whether VoIP features are needed today or not, they certainly are likely to be favored in business telephone systems because of the benefits they provide. With a capable modern VoIP phone system, companies that have branch offices, for example, can link those offices over their existing VoIP network to provide all users, at all branch offices, with all the features of the corporate phone system. These new features in modern business telephone systems include three-digit dialing, messaging, call transfer, etc., and can be delivered without the need for leased lines, proprietary hardware and software or even utilization of the public network. This VoIP phone system network access in these business phone systems also enables companies to support the tele-worker and remote cell center agent business paradigms that are becoming increasingly popular—with minimal overhead investment and virtually no system training costs.

Open platforms provide flexibility

Besides supporting VoIP phone system, another differentiator between modern business phone systems including VoIP

telephone systems and earlier technologies is their openness—and again not all systems that tout themselves as being “modern business” meet this requirement. Business phone systems that are truly open and have integrated VoIP phone systems, are based on an industry standard operating system (like Microsoft Windows), can be maintained easily by end-users with a software-based GUI and interface seamlessly with industry-standard, off-the-shelf software applications without the need for complex programming. By comparison, a traditional legacy PBX offers none of these state of the art VoIP telephone system features. In fact, because all maintenance activities and integrated application interfacing requires UK based business phone system vendor involvement at an average cost of $300 per visit, lifetime maintenance costs on a legacy PBX typically run as high as 40 percent of the system cost. In other words, that $50,000 system will really cost you $70,000 before you’re done. Modern business phone systems, where moves, additions and changes can be done simply with a simple standard interface, cut ongoing costs to a minimum.

One good indicator of the openness of a modern business system which includes VoIP telephone system features is availability of a software developer’s kit (SDK) and application programming interfaces (APIs) that make it easy to interface the system to standard off-the-shelf applications likely to benefit from telephony integration. These include contact management, customer relations VoIP management and sales force automation applications. In fact, some modern VoIP telephone systems can integrate with many such applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft CRM, Act, Goldmine contact management software, out-of-the-box, saving companies the $50,000-100,000 and three to six months that might otherwise be required to create proprietary interfaces.