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Outsourcing Management

It is one thing to decide on outsourcing business processes and another to actually implement and manage outsourcing decisions. From evaluating vendors to managing relations with them and making sure that business functions are transitioned smoothly. Most companies employ outsourcing managers who manage relationships with vendors and act as a link between the company and its outsourcing partners. On the other hand, business process outsourcing companies too have transition managers who make sure each aspect of their client’s business is carefully studied and their expectations with regards to the implementation and performance of their processes are met. Outsourcing management involves the following broadly:

  • Preparing a list of objectives for outsourcing
  • Short listing and evaluating vendors based on the company objectives- technological know-how, experience in the industry, certifications and reputation in the market, feedback from other clients of the vendors, cost effectiveness, quality and range of services offered etc
  • Analyzing risk factors such as security, laws and policies, language barriers and customer resentment, overhead costs etc
  • Building relationships with the vendors and maintaining a healthy working relationship
  • Making sure that all processes are performing to the agreed standards.
  • Regularly monitoring and evaluating performance.
  • Preparing contracts in line with laws and policies.