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Outsourcing Countries

The Outsourcing Industry has grown leaps and bounds in the past couple of decades. Much of this success can be credited to availability of internet, open trade policies and the world becoming a global marketplace. The practice by most companies to get the best possible input from across the world at competitive prices has almost become a norm. Hence the outsourcing industry has seen some new players in the recent years. Everyone wants a share in this really thriving industry.

Some of the traditional outsourcing countries have been India, China and Mexico. There are other countries such as Bolivia, Argentina, Egypt, Ukraine, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Philippines, Mauritius, Malaysia, Nepal, Russia and Bulgaria that are also present in the outsourcing sphere offering one or more outsourcing services. Most countries are trying to develop their capabilities in the skills that could benefit them in getting more outsourcing business. For example, China made the English language a part of the school curriculum from the 3rd grade to ensure that its future workforce is adept in it.