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Outsourcing Associations

The widespread use of outsourcing as an option to better products and services has prompted the establishment of various outsourcing associations across the world. These are independent bodies that provide guidelines and assistance to companies ensuring the success of outsourcing. They also promote best practices and innovativeness. One of the largest outsourcing associations is the European Outsourcing Association or the EOA as it is popularly known. It is a federal body that acts as an umbrella body for the national outsourcing trade associations across Europe. Members of the national outsourcing association fall into 3 major categories:

  • Suppliers: these are companies that provide outsourcing services to other businesses.
  • Users: they are companies that are the users of the outsourcing services. These are companies from within the UK or abroad.
  • Support Services: these are companies that support the outsourcing companies for e.g.: legal services, recruitment firms and consultancies.

There are also associations that set standards and offer certifications to companies.