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Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing means relocating a company’s business processes from one country to another. This could be transfer of manufacturing units, customer service cells, call centers, sales & marketing processes, legal processes, IT and software, R&D etc. The most important reason to outsource is to gain a comparative advantage, get better skills for less. Companies who are able to implement this move smoothly and successfully are able to save millions of dollars each year. There are concerns that surround off shore outsourcing. The most important one being, Information Security.

Customers and government across the world have voiced their concerns over the past couple of decades about the security of their personal data and records being transferred to third world countries. Also there have been concerns around the quality of products and services that are produced in far eastern countries. However from being an option, outsourcing has now become a necessity. It’s the easiest and the best possible way a company can stay ahead of its competitors.