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Near shore Outsourcing

Near-shoring is outsourcing of a company’s business functions to a company or an individual who is situated within ones own country or region. For example, companies in the US may near-shore their business to outsourcers in Canada, Mexico or South America. Near-shoring has become popular due to the flexibility that it offers companies wanting to contract a part of their business. They also offer companies a better brand image as there has been widespread resentment towards companies transferring their business processes to Asian countries.

It also gives the companies an edge in terms of better understanding of cultures and languages by its workforce hence overriding any communication barriers. Monitoring and controlling the performance of the outsourcing company is easier as companies can reach them quickly. Recent times have seen companies from India, China and Philippines opening centers in the US, UK, Australia and Europe to get a pie of the market that wishes to near-shore its processes.