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Global Outsourcing

With most nations opening their gates for open trade and English becoming a globally accepted language, global outsourcing has become a reality. Outsourcing companies have ventured into markets where outsourcing as an option was a remote possibility and unimaginable a few years ago. For example, who would have thought that a company in India can conduct research for a company in Mexico? We live in the time where everything that companies do is for not just one market it’s for a global audience.

For example, car companies make cars that will have a global appeal and with minor modifications launch them in various countries. Outsourcing companies are not far behind. They have built in capabilities to not just cater to major markets such as the US or the UK, but also markets such as Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia etc. They are able to provide services in regional languages and have the ability to learn and adopt their cultural uniqueness.