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Introduction to Banner Advertising

Every now and then when you browse through the internet, you see eye catching graphical banner advertisements on top, bottom or sides of web pages. Banner advertisement has proved itself to be very effective in terms of both impact and cost. Internet surfers in the UK only stop at something eye catching, unique and on the target. These are the reasons why banner advertisement is so effective and successful in the UK market. Banners are available in both static and interactive formats. You can not only grab the attention of visitors but you can provide adequate product or service information to the viewers as well.

Although there are some companies in the UK which have had bad experiences with the use of online banner advertisements but the fact is that banner advertising itself did not have any fault in their failure. To truly harness the effectiveness of a banner advertisement campaign, you must keep in mind the following factors before starting one.

Type of Banner Design

The design of your banner ad is very important for your campaign. In order to run a banner campaign successfully, you must design the banner in a way that it not only matches with the color combination of the target webpage but it also provides appropriate information regarding your product or service. You must also decide about the size, position and placement of your banner ad and design accordingly. Inappropriately designed or stretched banner would not only look bad but will also create a negative impact on the audience.

Professional Designs

It is completely unjust to have a banner ad designed by yourself for your campaign if you don’t have the relevant expertise in house. If you want your banner ad campaign to be effective, you must get the banner designed by a professional source. “Do it yourself” will not work if you do not have expertise required for the design of this specific product.

Target Websites

You cannot just start advertising on every website in the world. To make this campaign effective it is necessary to run your advertising campaign on only the relevant websites for targeting potential customers. You must identify the sites relevant to your business or filter the search by demographic characteristics to limit the number of unwanted clicks. You cannot afford to spend money on clicks that don’t count.

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