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How to write an effective Banner Ad?

There is a common misperception about the effectiveness of banner advertisements but people do tend to forget about an important factor contributing towards the results achieved from this method. One of the important ingredients of a banner ad is the message displayed on it. If you cannot present or convey your message properly to your target viewers, you may have a grim chance of achieving your desired results from your banner ad campaign.

The ad copy of your banner should be written by a professional copywriter. A perfectly written ad copy, that will get you guaranteed results from your banner ad, should have the following characteristics.


When a web surfer sees your ad, he/she should get a clear idea about the intention of your ad. If you do not write a clear message, you may not be able to attract the right people. A confused customer will not only add to your expenses but will also be a factor in demoting your services and products.


A banner ad should be very simple. The language used should not contain many slangs or abbreviations except in situations when those slangs or abbreviations are a part of the everyday language of your target audience. Avoid using complicated sentence and writing vague messages.

One idea per ad

It is absolutely important to present only one idea per banner ad. If you present too many ideas in one ad, your customer will not be able to understand the message.

Accompanying graphics

Graphics and visual effects add heavily towards the effectiveness of your banner ad. Whenever possible, use graphics instead of text because people can remember graphics for a relatively longer period of time.

Customer interest

Your banner ad is only effective if your viewers get something of their interest in it. Try to make an offer or give a deal related to your product or service. There is a better chance that your customer will click on your banner if he/she finds it useful.