Some health conditions that are linked to uncontrolled or unresolved anger

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Some health conditions that are linked to uncontrolled or unresolved Anger

Anger is one of the most basic emotions that we feel. There are many reasons that make us angry. However, quite often, we fail to tackle anger the right way. This is when things start to get out of hand. Unrestrained anger may not only hamper our regular life but it can also cause various physical ailments. If left untreated, these ailments can later turn even severe. But what are these illnesses? Let us take a look at them one by one. Knowledge of these ailments can also help you in proper anger management.


Unresolved anger may lead to headaches. Many people have experienced such uneasiness that can often become nastier and turn to severe migraine. People with chronic headache often have to take medication on a regular basis. Thus, headache and anger seem quite interrelated.


Have you ever thought that the reason behind your sudden backaches could be your uncontrolled anger rather than your sitting posture? Yes, anger can really cause back pain. Sometimes, it can get so serious that you may find difficulty in getting up or standing erect. You will find that once you control your temper, the pain automatically subsides.

High Blood Pressure

Anger also causes high blood pressure. Physicians are yet to find out the relationship between high blood pressure and anger though. They also need to know how anger causes the imbalance that in turn results in high blood pressure. However, one thing is certain that high blood pressure can lead to other complications like heart disease. Therefore, getting angry will mean an open invitation to high blood pressure and heart diseases.


Insomnia or lack of sleep is another side effect of uncontrolled anger. It is essential for every person that he or she should get at least of eight hours of regular sleep. Lack of sleep can create constipation, acidity, and various other physical illnesses. In case you want your good night’s sleep, then you definitely need to stress on anger management.

Skin Conditions e.g. Eczema

You must have heard that a glowing skin is related to good health. If you suppress your anger or leave it uncontrolled for long, it will not only affect your general health but can also lead to various skin diseases like Eczema. If you look closely, you will find the relation of anger with several skin disorders. For instance, anger can cause insomnia, which in turn may lead to this kind of skin condition. Therefore, never let your anger get out of hand.

Heart Attack

Repressed anger can put enough stress on the affected person, so much so that he or she may even suffer a heart attack. Heart attack is a disease where the muscles of the heart get affected. Anger can cause this damage, which can be often fatal. That is why during anger management, experts will advise you to check your anger to avoid heart attack.


Stroke is another deadly result of uncontrolled anger. Strokes are blockages that appear in the arteries. These arteries supply blood to the brain. Unfortunately, it is difficult to understand the symptoms of strokes. So, the best thing you can do is to avoid being a victim of uncontrolled or pent-up anger.

If someone wants to keep good health conditions, then the person definitely has to go for anger management. In case you want to find a solution to uncontrolled and repressed anger in UK, you may ask for free quotes from anger management consultants, who can assist you in enjoying a healthy life by helping you control your anger.