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Personality disorders and Anger Management

Every person in this world has a different personality. People tend to depict different emotions under the influence of their personality traits. Anger is one of those emotions that not only destroy our relationships with others but also cause a major setback to our reputation. Grandiosity is referred to as a personality type in which grandiose individuals have outbursts of anger when things do not go their way. A person with this personality can use verbal and in some cases physical expression of his/ her anger although physical expression is quite rare.

People with grandiosity have mental disorders that sever their analytical and decision making capabilities. Hysteria, schizophrenic paranoia, NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) and relative paranoia are among the most common traits among grandiose people. It is not uncommon for people with grandiosity to use verbal and sometimes physical expressions when threatened. Apart from an anger management training and therapy, these individuals should use medical help as well.

Persons with anger management issues can become agitated and react differently under stressful situations. One of the natural anger management processes is remorse. Remorse is an inner anguish due to the shame from past improper actions and deeds. Persons with anger management issues often lose the sense of remorse which results in continuous expression of anger over longer periods of time. Anger issues, in extreme cases, can cause nervous breakdowns and socially unacceptable behaviours. People with grandiosity type of personality consider themselves to be on the right side while everyone else stands downhill for them.

Anger management training courses are designed to deal with certain personality disorders and mental illnesses. An anger management therapy by a qualified psychotherapist can be of help while dealing with such issues. In a usual anger management training session, a psychotherapist maybe able to help the trainees in finding solutions for their personal anger management issues but there are some cases where simple solutions don’t work out. Special medications, therapy and training can enable these individuals to suppress anger management issues and channel their energies in a positive manner.

An anger management training session helps individuals improve their behaviours at offices and homes. Professional anger management training aims at mending their personality cracks by understanding the reasons behind those traits and issues. If everyone can control their anger at office, the workplace environment can be made extremely pleasant. When a person controls his/ her anger through training and practice, he/she can become a useful and better individual for the society.

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