Examples of common factors that can make people angry

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Examples of common factors that can make people angry

Anger is one of the seven deadly sins. Almost every human being has succumbed to this sin at least once in his or her lifetime. However, nothing happens without a reason. There are many reasons why people easily lose their temper. In fact, it is important that we understand these reasons for successful anger management. So, if you want to get to the root cause of your angry bouts, take a look at the various causes that work behind this emotion.

Losing someone you Love (Grief)

This could be one of the many reasons that fuel your anger. In fact, grief and anger sometimes work together. Some people find anger to be a great way to vent their sadness or feelings of being hurt. It is a fact that no two persons can react to a situation in the same way. So, while some people cry when they are aggrieved, some others may seek refuge in anger. The sense of loss and the inability to prevent the loss can increase this emotion. You can get free quotes from many UK based anger management consultants to get control over your emotions for the failure to check anger on time can cause even greater harm.

Sexual Frustration

Sex is one of the primary instincts that attract a person to another of the opposite sex or to someone belonging to the same sex. However, our sexual expectations or attractions can often remain unfulfilled. This can lead to sexual frustration and pave the way to anger. It is also seen that the combination of sexual frustration and anger can often lead to crimes, especially those that are sexual by nature.

Being Tired, Hungry, or in Pain

Anger can also be caused by physical fatigue or hunger. You will find that your mood is not at its civil best if you are tired and have not got sufficient rest. Hunger too can make people irritated. If you do not get your regular meals on time, you can get angry quite easily. You may have noticed how people get restless and often angry words are spoken in a queue at a food court if there is any delay in serving the orders. Pain is another reason behind losing one’s temper. The physical suffering makes us express it through anger. Management of this kind of anger will include immediate satisfaction of these basic needs.

Physical Withdrawal from Certain Medicines or Drugs

There are some medicines or drugs that may harm your health and it is better to stop their intake. But this sudden withdrawal or stopping of these drugs and medicines can make the body respond in a violent way. Anger is one of the ways to express this kind of withdrawal symptoms. Regular drinkers often get angry if they do not get their regular pint. This mood swing is quite natural and a common sign of withdrawal from alcohol or other drugs. That is why such patients need to be cared by specialists.

Conditions, Like Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

PMS anger is often witnessed among women and girls prior to their menstrual cycle. Teenage girls, who are about to have their first period, often get angry at the drop of a hat. This may seem unnatural at the first glance but it is quite natural considering the physical and hormonal changes that they undergo. After all, like any other emotion, anger too helps to voice your physical discomforts and mental stress. Thus, before we start any attempt of anger management, it is imperative that you know its root cause. Only a correct diagnosis will lead you to the exact cure. So, try to understand which of the above causes are working behind your anger, and you will find that solution is not that difficult to find.