Different types of treatment to manage anger

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Different types of treatment to manage Anger

If you feel that you have problems in handling your anger, and that your relationships at work and at home are getting affected badly due to the same, it’s time to take steps for anger management. If you are not sure of the different types of treatment for anger management, here are some that you can make use of:

Talking Treatments

If you want to get a deeper understanding of what triggers your anger, talking treatments can help. Such treatments are a common psychological method of managing anger where you can know the root cause of your anger, overcome emotional difficulties and bring a change in your negative or destructive patterns of thinking and behaviour. You can also bring a positive and proactive change in your behaviour by understanding yourself better. A wide variety of approaches are covered under the purview of talking treatments, ranging from generic counselling to specific forms of therapy like cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

A standard CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) program usually works in three stages. At the first stage, specific techniques are used as part of anger management programs to bring the symptoms under control immediately. An extensive program for stress reduction and relaxation is also there to decrease the feelings of frustration, threat, violation, guilt and fear, and to control the outbursts that they can produce.

The second stage of CBT challenges negative beliefs and thoughts by identifying them, bringing the errors of logic that are present, and helping the individual develop a more balanced way of thinking. Though the techniques used at this stage vary across the UK, you can get free quotes from various anger management clinics and professionals who can help you select some good and effective anger management programs.

The third stage of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy takes a look at the deeper core belief that the person has developed over his or her lifetime, and tries to modify them so that a relapse of anger symptoms can be prevented in the future.

Anger management programs

Depending on the severity of your problem and your needs, you may decide to work with an anger management counselling group or an individual counsellor to get control of your anger. Though some people often work on their own using self-study resources that are available in the market, it pays to work with professional anger management consultants to get rid of the problem in quick time.

Domestic violence programs

When you tend to misbehave or act violently with your family members during your anger bouts, you should seek the help of domestic violence programs. Such programs can last up to 18 month and help you with training, screening, and intervention programs so that you understand the seriousness of the situation and take responsibility for your actions. In case you have problems associated with alcohol and drug intake or substance abuse, such programs can help you tackle them too.

So, you can select any one of these anger management programs to deal with your anger issues and learn about ways to release the anger and tension that has been getting accumulated for long.