Angry and frustrated feelings may be suppressed and can lead to these symptoms

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Angry and frustrated feelings may be suppressed and can lead to these symptoms:

Anger is a common feeling that can surface at any time and anywhere. Whether it’s some adverse situation at the workplace, demands of your boss, your financial situation, matters related to your spouse, children, boyfriend or girlfriend, your health condition, a disastrous holiday or the game of football, excessive anger can crop up all of a sudden. Since an angered emotional state can make you do things that would affect your life and relationships badly – whether they are personal or professional, you should take note of your anger symptoms and seek help for anger management. If you neglect your frustration symptoms for too long or leave them untreated and suppressed, they can rear their ugly head by way of some more disturbing symptoms like:


When you ignore your anger symptoms and try to suppress them, they may add up to cause you severe anxiety. In such situations, you are likely to start living life that’s full of worry and apprehension, and may become restless thinking about some impending doom. What’s more, you can even have typical anxiety anger symptoms like irritability, tension, fatigue, sleep disturbance, restlessness, and difficulty in concentrating.

Low self esteem

By ignoring your anger symptoms and the need to hire some anger management consultant, you try in your unconscious self to hide the ugly truth from yourself. The inability to confront the problem head-on and taking control of your own life will slowly erode your self confidence. No wonder that you are likely to end up with low self esteem, where you won’t be able to take even simple decisions of your life all by yourself.


Living in a constant state of denial that you have anxiety anger symptoms will ultimately lead you to the abyss of depression. If you don’t take timely steps for anger management, you will find yourself in a depressed mood all the time, and may even feel a lack of interest in the things that were enjoyable earlier.

Eating disorders

Suppressing your anger and frustration symptoms for too long is likely to affect your health. You may either suffer from a loss of appetite that results in weight loss or end up eating much more than what you body needs. Since an extreme worthlessness or guilt often accompanies such people, you may try to find solace either by overeating or shunning food.

Self injury

Suppressed anger symptoms often lead the affected person think about death or feel suicidal. Some people even develop a phobia about specific situations or objects, which drive them to inflict injury on their own body. If you too have a tendency to harm yourself, it’s time you sought some free quotes from various anger management consultants to select the right one who can help you get rid of your anxiety anger symptoms.

Substance abuse and Misuse of drugs and alcohol

If you think that getting dependant on substances like alcohol or drugs will help you forget about your anxiety, you are far from the truth. Ironically, the reality is that these things will only make the problem worse, making it more difficult for you to face the truth of your life. If you have a problem with managing your anger and frustration symptoms, you should recognize their existence, and seek professional help from anger management consultants to solve the same.