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Car alarm systems were introduced in the UK to prevent vehicle theft. Best car alarm systems in the UK are a combination of electrical sensors and triggers which safeguard the car and prevent anyone from driving it. There can be a series of triggers installed in the car and they can serve specific functions from most basic alarm to messaging the car owner’s mobile, flashing different colored lights and jamming the car controls etc. UK based car alarm systems that are used in cars today provide an enhanced security to car owners and different types of alarm system accessories are available in the market today. These accessories or enhancements include flash lights, LED triggers, sirens, mobile messaging systems and starter kill devices.

Different types of flash lights help drive the thief away in case of a breach and also serve the purpose of letting the passer-bys know that there has been a security breach. This diverts the attention of nearby people to the car and the vehicle thief normally goes away. Sirens are also an integral part of a best car alarm system. The sirens also help to create a unique impact on the atmosphere where all the people suddenly and instinctively turn their attention towards that specific vehicle. Both sirens and flash lights force the thief to go away from the vehicle and act as a first stage security of the car.

If in any way (If in case), the car alarm system fails at the first step and the thief somehow enters into the vehicle, then there are a second line of defense devices installed in some of the best car alarm systems. These devices include car starter kill device, pager system and jammer device. The starter kill device kills the ignition and prevents the car from starting. This system helps in preventing the thief from taking (driving away) the car. Another alteration of this device is available in the UK which also disables all the electrical circuits in the car hence making it impossible to move the vehicle. The pager system sends an intrusion warning message at the car owner’s mobile or pager device. Jammer device locks and jams the doors of the vehicle making the thief’s escape impossible (extremely difficult) once inside the car. A combination of these car alarm system devices helps in preventing vehicle theft.

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