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What are chilled water and cooling tower AC units?

Chilled water and cooling tower AC units are utilised in large buildings and college campuses where the cold air has to be served to a very large area. In a chilled water unit, the air conditioning system sits entirely on the roof or at the back of the building. The chilled water air conditioning system cools down the water temperature to between 7 and 8 degree Celsius. The chilled water is then circulated inside the building through pipes. The pipes are connected to air distribution units inside the building which throw cold air inside the building.

There is no limit set on the length of the cold water pipes inside the building as long as they are properly insulated. Air is used to dissipate heat from the compressor through a large sink or fan connected with the chilled water air conditioner. When we talk about a very large system like the ones in schools, colleges and multi-storeyed office complexes, the simple chilled water equipment is not always enough to provide the right amount of cooling.

A cooling tower is used to increase efficiency and power savings of a chilled water air conditioning system. The cooling tower looks costly at first but once you install it, the enhanced system performance from your chilled water air conditioner justifies the cost. A cooling tower is a piece of equipment that cools the hot coils of a chilled water air conditioner. A cooling tower generates low temperate water stream that is used to absorb heat from the hot coils.

Air is blown through a steam of water inside the cooling tower so that some of the water evaporates. The water is trickled down by an open plastic mesh sheet. The air is blown inside the cooling tower at right angles. The evaporated water cools the stream of water inside the tower. Cooling tower continuously adds more water to the stream because some of the water gets evaporated during the process.

The performance of a cooling tower varies with the barometric pressure and humidity of the blown air. As a general rule, the higher the humidity and barometric pressure of the outside air, the lower will be the achieved temperature change and vice versa. For example, if the atmospheric humidity is 80% and the barometric pressure is 29.92PSI, the cooling tower maybe able to drop temperature by 3 – 4 degree Celsius only while the temperature drop from the same cooling unit may reach up to 10 degree Celsius with 50% humidity.

In most of the modern office complexes and educational campuses, cooling towers are centralised and connected with chilled water air conditioners that run cold water inside these buildings with miles of pipes.

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