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Common types of Air Conditioners

While air conditioning equipment is an essential part of every UK based office, different types of air conditioners are available in the market. Businesses in the UK can select air conditioners based on their specific needs and requirements. The following air conditioner types are widely used in the UK.

Single Central AC Unit

This type of air conditioning units are most commonly utilised in the UK. This is a single package AC unit where all the components are combined in one place. Single unit AC is either wall mounted or placed on the roof of a building. This type of central AC unit pushes the hot/ cold air in the area and regulates the temperature.

Split Central AC Unit

This type of AC unit requires ducting in the walls and the noisy cooling unit is placed outside the office. The air is pumped into the ducts and into the office area. Split type central ACs quietly regulate the temperature in the office. The whole idea behind using this type of AC unit is to eliminate office space wastage and provide a peaceful environment at the office.

Ductless AC Unit

With the latest advancements in the ductless air conditioning technology, businesses in the UK can now take advantage from it. Offices which have legal or owner limitations for wall-ducting can use this technology. Although ductless AC units cannot regulate the temperature in a very open floor plan, they can still provide air conditioning to the surrounding area.

Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioner is an economical option for small offices. If your office is using other air conditioning options and a small area or room stays unaffected, you can use a portable air conditioning unit. These air conditioners let some unconditioned air come into the room and effect only a small area but they can be a very economical option when budget is an issue.

Evaporation Air Coolers

Evaporation air coolers are more commonly known as swamp coolers. Swamp coolers suck the air through damp pads. The air gets cooled in the process of evaporating the water that gets attached to it. Evaporation air coolers can only cool the air and are unable to offer heating.