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How do Air Conditioners work?

When the temperature begins to rise, every one of us looks for the comfort of an air conditioner. An air conditioner has become an indispensible part of our everyday life. From homes to offices, air conditioners are used everywhere. Air conditioners come in various types, sizes and price ranges and are suitable for different purposes. Although air conditioners look quite different from each other yet their basic working is almost similar. Modern air conditioning equipments cool and clean the air while reducing humidity as well.

Air conditioners make use of the compression technology. A refrigerant like Freon is used inside the compressor of an air conditioner. Freon has a property of absorbing the atmospheric heat when it evaporates. An air compressor compresses the Freon increasing its pressure. The Freon is then evaporated, condensed and pushed in the tubes for decompression where it absorbs the heat from the air passing from outside those tubes. The air gets cooled down in the process while the Freon gas is injected back into the compressor.

Many people think that the air conditioners work by simply pumping cool air into the area but this is not true. Air conditioners actually suck hot air from the surrounding area and cool it. The cold air is pushed into the area while the heat is transferred to a heat sink on the back. Air conditioners work on the same principle as refrigerators but without any insulated surrounding box.

The operation of air conditioning equipments can be divided into the following four steps

1. The cold Freon gas is compressed inside the compressor making it hot with high pressure.

2. The hot Freon gas goes through a set of coils, connected to the heat sink, so that the heat of the gas can be evaporated. The gas is condensed and it turns into a liquid.

3. The liquid gas is sent to an expansion valve where it evaporates. The liquid turns into low pressure Freon gas.

4. The low pressure cold Freon gas passes through another set of coils where it absorbs the heat from the atmosphere and this gas is sent back to the compressor.

Modern air conditioning equipment cleans your air as well. They have special filters that block and collect air dust particles, dirt and smoke. Air conditioners also absorb the excess humidity from the air and use it to enhance the performance. The water and air polluters then go out through a sink at the back of the air conditioning unit.

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