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How to select a suitable bookkeeping service in the UK?

Bookkeepers are very important in stabilizing and streamlining financial operations in any UK based organization. Bookkeeping is critical towards recording and analyzing business transactions for legal issues and company decision making. If a company does not hire a qualified book keeper, there might be chances that all financial books will not get updated and complications may arise resulting in unfavorable outcomes or even business closure. In one way or another, you cannot run a business in the UK without hiring a book keeping service firm to provide you with a reliable and qualified book keeper.

Before hiring a prospect book keeping service provider in the UK, you must first look for the following traits in a bookkeeping service provider or a bookkeeper.


Although it is not a restriction for a bookkeeping service provider in the UK to have a degree in accounting yet you will still find most good bookkeepers equipped with a certification from or professional affiliation with a reputable educational institution in the UK. These training and certifications show that whether the bookkeeper is suited for a specific job or not.


Many businesses prefer to hire a UK based bookkeeper service with experience. Professional book keepers with experience can perform the required tasks efficiently and in a well organized manner. This efficiency is crucial especially when you hire a book keeper on hourly basis. Experienced bookkeepers are also familiar with tackling most scenarios and are more aware of the legal aspects which can be extremely beneficial for the business.


The personality of your book keeper is also a decisive factor while making such choices. When it comes to personality, you must have a thorough enquiry from the book keeper service that is providing you with the book keeper. Ask from the service for motivation, performance, experience, customer handling and ability to coordinate with a team. Only an individual with better personality traits can offer a good service.

Software Familiarity

Most of the businesses in the UK are now turning to computerization. You cannot hire an individual who does not have any familiarity with the accounting software that you are using. At the very least, you can expect them to be expert in some accountancy software so he can be trained for your customized software if any.


In the end, your budget decides it all. Whether you can hire a bookkeeper service or not, depends mostly on business affordability. You can check for prices which are most of the times negotiable with the bookkeeping service provider.

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