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Selecting the Right Small Business Phone System in UK

Because business telephone system architectures, feature sets and benefits differ so widely among next generation business phone systems in suppliers, it is imperative that UK based companies learn about their options before beginning a search for small business phone system in UK. That way, if you do not want to implement a new IP network through your small business phone system in your UK based company, you can save time by ignoring business phone system vendors who require this investment. Or, if you want a business phone system that is easy to install, you can focus your search on phone systems in UK with single chassis architecture. Similarly, if your concern is a fast payback and a continuous return on investment you can favor systems that include a wide range of embedded phone applications. Or, if remote access is important for company branch offices and tele-workers, be sure the business phone systems in UK, you consider, support this capability without the need for leased lines or expensive interfaces. Finally, if you want to be able to leverage your existing resources, make sure the selected small business phone system in UK includes a software developer’s kit and the application programming interfaces you need.

Next generation small business phone systems in UK can streamline business operations, boost employee productivity, minimize operational costs, open new sales and marketing channels and foster long-term customer relationships. Whatever your reasons for seeking a new business telephone system in UK, you should not make an investment until you completely review the possibilities of a next generation solution.

The benefits of having a next generation small business phone system in UK are great, the payback short and the growth path is long. Just be sure that your final small business phone system selection can meet today’s needs as well as those of the “next generation.”

  • Open platform
  • One to One Voicemail ports for number of extensions
  • An Integrated server chassis with major applications embedded
  • Automatic Call handling & Distribution
  • Multiple Auto phone Attendants
  • Web access for Click-to-Talk
  • Enhanced Voicemail functionality and features
  • No need to conduct a significant upgrade to your IP infrastructure
  • Supports both Analog and digital IP phones
  • Ability to sign in and out of phone extensions; reduces physical handsets deployed
  • Easily manageable with a software-based GUI
  • Phone system Scalability, Stability and Reliability
  • Integrates voice with VoIP data networks and the Internet
  • Availability of a software development kit
  • User productivity tools
  • PC-based incoming message management
  • Single number access
  • Phone Extension flexibility for cell/ mobile
  • Voicemail-based callbacks
  • Basic out-of-the-box call center
  • IP Soft phones availability
  • Integration for voice mail
  • Integrated contact center capabilities
  • Supports home agent and tele-workers
  • Business phone system supplier track record including industry awards
  • Support for popular protocol IP standards such as H.323